Have Fun!

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Is school just about studying and working hard?

Have Fun!

As good as it is to remain totally dedicated to your college career, remember that having a little fun goes a long way in increasing your productivity. Giving yourself a reward to look forward to ("I'll go to this weekend's party if I study 50 hours.") makes the grind all the more bearable.



1/9/2012 6:39:05 AM
Spinach said:

Be careful with giving yourself rewards like this. The reward of studying becomes the party, not the pleasure in possessing the knowledge or skill you acquire by studying. While you definitely should have fun, don't make it conditional on something like this. Of course, you can make the decision not to go a party if you WANT to study/sleep/.. instead, which could be the case if you didn't study enough.

This only holds if you study because on some level you want to, of course.


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