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How can I maintain my self esteem and confidence?

Getting Through it All

By using a five-step plan, college students can improve and maintain high self-esteem and self-confidence levels. The important aspects of this plan are:
1. Create a physical training regimen
2. Set goals
3. Develop self-discipline
4. Visualize a mental image of success
5. Have positive self-talks

Is it ok to skip meals?

Don't Skip Meals

With a student schedule it is very easy to skip meals, but don't. Skipping meals will only lead to a lack of energy. Make sure that you get your three basic meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How much sleep should I get each night?

Get Sleep

Lack of sleep can impair your school career. Going to class tired and writing papers half awake will only make school seem harder. Make sure that each night you sleep at least six to seven hours. Going to class refreshed is just one more advantage you have.

My roommate is sick, what can i do to keep from getting sick as well?

Feeling Sick

So your feeling a little under the weather? Don't fret! Visit the student clinic on campus. It is usually free to visit a nurse, and there is a minimal fee for a doctor visit. Also, the student clinic can provide medication at a minimal cost if you do not have insurance.

What can I do to feel better about myself while in college?

Find the Gym

Most campuses have a free gym for students. Find out the gym's schedule, rules, and benefits. Take advantage of the campus gym, and keep your energy level up. It is not everyday you get access to a free gym.

What should I do while packing for school?

Trouble Sleeping, Try This

It can be hard to fall asleep on campus. Here are some tips to try:
* Keep your dorm room cool
* Read before bed
* Don't study in bed
* Use an eye mask
* Play peaceful music softly

What are some resources available to students?

Stressed: Talk to Someone

College can be a very stressful time in a student's life. Most campuses have a student counseling center where you can talk about the stresses of college life. Counseling centers help students deal with issues they have with drinking, illegal drug use, eating disorders, and stress, to name a few.

Is it ok to skip meals?

Stop the Flu Before it Hits You

The Cold and Flu season can hit college campuses hard. Here are a few tips to help keep you well.
* Wash your hands
* Keep your sheets and room clean
* Air out your room
* Take vitamins and eat a healthy diet
* Get the right amount of sleep your body needs

What to do on the weekends?

Be Aware of Your Enviroment

Going out with friends is a great part of college. Just make sure you know what is going on around you. Never leave your drink or wonder off with a stranger. Keep an eye on your friends and have them keep an eye on you. Just be aware of what is going on around you as you are having fun.


Safety First

Keep in mind that on many campuses there is information available to students about practicing safe sex. There are pamphlets, seminars, health screenings and free condoms in student health services. Make sure that you keep yourself aware of the dangers out there.

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