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How can I keep in touch with my family and friends?

Make New Friends

Get to know the people who live and study around you on campus. It is easier to say hello to the people you see daily. A great way to make new friends is to take part in campus activities. Don't forget about the people in your classes, since you're in the same major chances are you share the same interest.

What makes a first date fun?

Make a First Date Fun

First dates can be so nerve racking. Try to suggest something you enjoy, if you're having fun then your date is bound to have fun. Take a hike, go to a museum, or take a pottery class. Try to steer clear of the usual and try something you wouldn't think of on a first date. That way you will both remember the date.

How can I keep in touch with my family and friends?

Keeping in Touch with Family

Send your parents cards to let them know how you are doing. Card are inexpensive and let your family know your thinking of them. They also add a personal touch that e-mail can leave out.

What to do on the weekends?

Friends in College

Making friends while in college is important. Friends in many cases become like family helping you to deal with life's little bumps and turns. So make good friends early on, and college may just seem a little less stressful.

What to do on the weekends?

Asking Someone Out

Great way to ask someone out is to ask them to join you for a campus activity. These are usually casual, friendly activities that make a great first date.

Should I volunteer while in high school?

Things to Do With Friends

A great idea for a group activity to do on the weekend with your friends is to volunteer your time. There is nothing more fun then spending time with friends and helping out your community. You can find volunteer organizations through your student government. Pick an organization you all enjoy.

Do you think it is a good idea to date while in college?

Do You Have to Date in College

It all depends on the person. You must first realize if you are capable of handling both school and a relationship. College is a great time to meet new people and date. that doesn't mean it has to be on your "must do list."

How can I let my parents know I am ok and thinking of them?

Family Day at School

Many college campuses have a family day. This is a chance for parents and students to participate in campus events and find out more about the school. We recommend that parents try to attend family campus days. Students that means make sure to let your parents know when they are coming up.

How can I keep in touch with my family and friends?

No Cost Present for Mom & Dad

Trying to figure out what to buy mom and dad for the holidays is hard enough...then you have to figure out how to pay for it! Here is a great gift - and it only costs your time!

Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines offer free website hosting. Put up a family website for mom and dad with old and new family photos and anything else you think might bring a tear of joy to their eye. You don't need to be a computer guru to figure it out either, they just have you fill in the blanks!

How can I keep in touch with my family and friends?

Get a Calling Card.

Getting a calling card with good rates will save you money in calling home and keeping in touch with old friends. If you can, keep in touch with e-mails or write letters the old way. You need a support system but that doesn't mean you should go bankrupt because of it.

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