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How can I get ready for college?

Backpacks are Lifesavers

Backpacks in college are a must. With an average of two to three books in each class, you will need a bag to carry them. When buying your backpack, find one that has strong shoulder straps and lies well on your back. Some backpacks come with pockets for portable CD players, beverage containers and pen organizers; these are great when you are spending all day on campus.

What information can you give me on buying textbooks?

Don't Go Crazy Buying Books

Most bookstores have a list of the books your professors want you to have for class. Usually, there will be some books that are required and others that are recommended. In most cases, you do not have to buy the recommended books. Not only are they unnecessary to do well in the class, you probably won't have the time to read them.

Does highlighting my book really help?

Paper, Pens, Pencils and More

Make sure you start class prepared. Bring with you to school all the supplies you will need so that you can be ready and organized on the first day. Here is just a quick list of what to bring.
* Paper: Computer and Lined
* Writing Tools: Pencils, Pens, Highlighter, Markers
* Computer
* Notebooks
* Organizing tray
* Office Supplies: Stapler, Scissors, Tape and Glue

Do I need a computer while in school?

Computers a Must for Any Student

Many universities today recommend that students have a personnel computer or laptop. Although universities have computers on campus, using a campus computer means having to work around the computer lab's schedule. Many students find it easier to do projects and research when they have their own computers.

What information can you give me on buying textbooks?

Selling Back Books

While selling back books at the end of the semester may be a good way to get some extra money, don't sell back the books that provide information relevant to your major and/or future career. You can probably use these books for reference and guidance, and some of the books may be required in future classes. Besides, the bookstore probably won't give you back nearly as much as you paid for the book, so it may be more worthwhile to keep it.

What information can you give me on buying textbooks?

Text Books

Be sure to purchase your text books used. Shop early to find the best selection. Also look into seeing if there are any off campus bookstores, they sometimes provide books at a lower cost. If you are lucky, your scholarship or loan will pick up the cost of books. However, even if your books are paid for, you should still try to find the lowest price so that you can keep the left over money. At the end of the semester...sell it back to the bookstore.

How can I reduce expenses?

Buying Textbooks

Today's students have many options for buying books. They can buy them online, at the campus store, from the local book store, or even from a friend who had the class. Which ever you chose make sure to look around for the best price. Make sure that you will get the textbook by the beginning of the semester.

What information can you give me on buying textbooks?

Buying Books for Class

Don't buy your books until you have gone to the first class. Sometimes professors will not require you to have the book for class. Also you may want to drop the class after the first day. Instead go to the first class get the syllabus and see what the professor is requiring you to read for their class.

What are some resources available to students?

Free School Supplies?

Be sure to take advantage of the resources on campus that offer free school supplies. The library usually has a stapler, hole puncher, paper clips, computer disks, etc. You can also get free pencils and pens from clubs, organizations, Student Government, etc.

What should I bring to school with me?

Appliances You'll Need

So you're not sure what to bring with you to school. Well the first place to start is by calling your roommate(s) and find out what they are bringing. After that then you can decide if you need your radio, television, DVD player, hair dryer and the many other various appliances you use.
** Special Note: Don't forget the can opener**

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