Backpacks are Lifesavers

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Backpacks are Lifesavers

Backpacks in college are a must. With an average of two to three books in each class, you will need a bag to carry them. When buying your backpack, find one that has strong shoulder straps and lies well on your back. Some backpacks come with pockets for portable CD players, beverage containers and pen organizers; these are great when you are spending all day on campus.



8/13/2009 11:28:39 AM
Meg said:

You don't need backpacks as long as you have a big bag that you can carry. Guys may need them more than girls because they can't carry big purses. Nowadays there are lots of options so you don't have to go around college looking like a highschool student. Plus, you usually don't have classes back-to-back, so you won't need to carry around two or three books from each class. Save yourself from back pain and only carry around exactly what you need.


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