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How do I get free food and movies?

Take Advantage of Your Student ID

Many students forget that their student ID is a gold mine for savings. In many towns, students get discounts at the movies, stores, museums, play houses, bars and even restaurants. So take advantage of your student ID and take it everywhere you go!

How can I earn a little extra money while at college?

Beware of the Free T-Shirts!

Credit card companies will do anything to win your service, including giving away free t-shirts and phone cards. Although it may seem tempting to get a free item, don't get a credit card unless you need it.

Should I pay attention to coupons?

Smart Shopping

When you get a print out of coupons at check out, consider that these are the highest value coupons you will find. For example, if you have bought Coca-Cola, you'll get a Pepsi coupon for future use that is usually more valuable than other Pepsi coupons, because manufacturers are trying to entice you to switch brands.

How can I keep track of my money?

Watch Your Money

Balance your checkbook, keep track of that savings account, and pace yourself! You never know when a professor will assign a mandatory book to buy, or you'll have a financial emergency. Back yourself up.

How can I save time and money on groceries?

Coupond Online

The Sunday paper is not the only place to get coupons. Company's have coupons at their Web sites. You can also sign up for free samples and benefits at Web sites.

How can I keep track of my money?

Give A Little Love

Wanting to make a little extra money while helping others? Give or donate plasma to your local blood bank. Call or go to your local blood or plasma institute who will pay (between $15-$30 per visit + referrals) this will only take a couple hours out of your time. So, Give a little love and make a little dough!

Should I take advantage of credit cards offered on campus?

High Interest Credit Cards

Beware of credit card offers on campus, especially when they give away free t-shirts, frisbees, etc. You`ll pay for those "free gifts" 10 times over with the interest and finance charges you get on the card. If you get a card, pay it off at the end of the month. Credit cards are not free money.

Should I get a credit card?

About Credit Cards

When you get a credit card, make sure it has a good interest rate. Remember that these rates may fluctuate depending on the credit card. Don't buy anything on your credit card unless you are sure you can pay it in full within the next three months. If you can't handle that, then depend on a student loan rather than a credit card.

How can I save time and money on groceries?

Time and Money Savers

Some larger supermarket chains offer online promotions, and, in some cases, if you click on them, savings are automatically deducted from your bill when you use your frequent-shopper card at checkout time.

How can I make some extra cash?

Low On Cash

Low on money? Here is a job for you! Recycle aluminum cans on the side of roads, highways, and your own trash. You can even ask friends and family to save their used pop cans. Help the environment, save money, and make America beautiful!

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